Natalie was born in Romford, Essex and was aware of spirit from an early age having had many different and positive experiences throughout her childhood.

She spent 18 years living in North London before returning to her roots and now lives in Essex, although her work has her travelling all over the UK and abroad.

For many years Natalie continued to develop her own awareness of spirit and she feels privileged to be able to help others come to terms with the loss of a loved one and to give guidance about your life. She is known for being detailed and specific, and giving as much as she can to her work.

Natalie has been a professional psychic medium for over 28 years. She has a reputation as an excellent demonstrator of mediumship across the UK and all over the world. Australia, America, New Zealand, Spain and the Netherlands, to name just a few!

She also conducts one to one readings on a regular basis.

Within her time as a medium she has regularly joined Tony Stockwell on his tour and is a popular demonstrator in spiritual churches, centres and theatres.

She also teaches mediumship, holding regular circles at all different levels of development and also holds workshops on a variety of subjects such as tarot, spirit guides and platform mediumship.

Natalie teaches at her own teaching venue and owns and directs “The Academy for Mediumship and Wellness” as well as being asked by many well known and lesser known spiritual organisations to teach for them.

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