Readings and Workshops

Natalie conducts one to one readings that can be psychic (this is all about you) or mediumistic (contact with the spirit world) or you can choose to have both.

Psychic readings enable you to have guidance and some direction in your life. Mediumship readings offer you the chance to hear from your loved ones that have passed away.

Natalie will endeavour to give you as much evidence and information about those people connected to you. All readings are held within the strictest of confidence.

You can choose your reading to be face to face, a telephone reading or a video call. Please notify when booking.

Please note that all remote readings, video call or zoom & skype, are payable in full in advance of your reading. All face to face readings require a non refundable booking fee to secure your appointment. Receipt will be given upon request.

Please contact me for an appointment,


telephone 07841 626146

Workshops are taught by Natalie either on a one day basis or as a residential seminar. She also teaches weekly development circles.

You can choose to be part of a development group or you can choose to have a one to one teaching session.

They are aimed at all levels of development on a variety of subjects. This is a wonderful way of realizing your own potential as a medium/psychic whether you are just starting out and having your own experiences or whether you are an accomplished worker.

Natalie also runs development circles. These are held regular every week for you to attend and will enable you to have a consistency and committed time to enhance your ability.

Circles are being held online via zoom and also in person in Essex.

  • Tuesday Morning 10am UK time The Psychic Detective & Forensic Medium
  • Tuesday Evening 7.30pm Experimental Trance & The Altered States
  • Wednesday Morning
  • Wednesday Evening 7pm The Psychic Detective and Forensic Medium

There are also regular weekly development circles on a variety of subjects suitable for Overseas students and their time zones. Please contact Natalie for more details.

Please feel free to enquire regarding course content, payment and booking forms.

Please contact Natalie, tutor and teaching director for more details at or 07841 626146.

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